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Catch Chicago's New Act 20
There's a hit show on the South Side, with Carlton Fisk and Greg Luzinski socko in starring roles
by Steve Wulf

The Tar Heels Get Their Feet in the Door 26
For years lacrosse has been ruled by an exclusive club. North Carolina upset Johns Hopkins to swell the membership
by Douglas S. Looney

A Repute in Dispute 28
Emotional outbursts, suspect intensity and questionable size make talented Mark Aguirre a risky pick in the upcoming NBA draft
by Bruce Newman

Picking Up the Pieces 34
The mysterious behavior of Golden States John Lucas has raised questions. After therapy, he offers answers
by Jack McCallum

Swingo, Ergo Sum 42
So Milwaukee's Ben Oglivie, the philosopher-home run king of baseball, seems to be saying with his bat
by Steve Wulf

The Patience of a Saint 92
The coaches and players are forever changing, and New Orleans keeps losing, but Archie Manning goes marching on
by Paul Zimmerman

The Departments

Scorecard 15
Baseball 71
Design for Sport 80
Track & Field 82
Tennis 86
For the Record 115
19th Hole 116

Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier

Credits on page 115