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That new soft shoe

Even on the golf course, fashions change. Gone are the plus-fours, the argyles, the heavy tweeds. Traditional golfing footwear, those heavy serviceable shoes with the little "kilties" on the front, may well be next. On fairways and greens around the country, many golfers now are wearing lightweight, flexible shoes that appear to have just trotted in off a jogging path. According to Pro-Shu Vice-President Warren Gittlen, "Golfers of all ages wear them, the older ones for comfort, the younger ones for the look." Here's a sampler as observed at the Sands Point (N.Y.) Golf Club.

Mark Donovan, a writer for "People," tries body English on the ball. His Pro-Shu Joggers are quilt-lined ($47).

New York lawyer Ken Steinthal gets a grip on the grass in suede-and-nylon Etonics with "foot-cradle" support ($48).

Polly (Mrs. Ben) Crenshaw smiles for a birdie in an outfit by Geoffrey Beene and shoes from Endicott Johnson ($40).

Steadied by a pair of Endicott Johnson suedes ($44), Mark studies his putt. His clothes are from Polo by Ralph Lauren.

Ken could kick himself with his Green-Joys ($45) as the ball rims out. His cords and sweater are Polo by Ralph Lauren.

Polly's on the green and in the pink, a skirt and top by Leon Levin. Her waterproof Green-Joys have crepe soles ($43).