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'And Somewhere Children Shout' 12
The major-leaguers are on strike, but baseball lives, most picturesquely on Cape Cod, where amateurs prepare for the pros
by Steve Wulf

Clearing the Way for the Big Payday 20
Against a background of lurid dealing, Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns won in Houston and advanced to the welter finals
by Pat Putnam

El Texano Comes of Age 26
An 18-year-old high school kid from Houston went into the bullring at Juarez a novice and came out a full-fledged matador
by Barnaby Conrad III

Dawn of a New ARRA 40
Some high-paid "amateur" road runners took a new route in the $50,000 Cascade Run Off. It was Greg Meyer who cashed in
by Kenny Moore

The Perfect Garden 48
On the farm Cary was just a hand, but on the diamond he was the defender of the game's true nature. A work of fiction
by Tommy Neil Tucker

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