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His Earth, His Realm, His England 14
John McEnroe drew censure—and gained admiration—as he stripped Bjorn Borg of his Wimbledon crown
by Curry Kirkpatrick

Baseball Comes Back to the Big Time 22
The turnstiles were clicking and the fans were cheering as players took the field at two major league stadiums last week
by Ron Fimrite

Heck, Mes Amis, It's Only Ol' Cale 28
Culture shock took on a whole new dimension when Cale Yarborough revved up his stock car at the 24 Hours of Le Mans
by Bob Ottum

Boom Boom Time Again 45
Ray (Boom Boom) Mancini is trying for something his father was denied almost four decades ago—a shot at the lightweight title
by E.M. Swift

Hey, Kid, Wanna Be a Star? 62
Because no rules prevent it, many young Latins fall easy prey to unrealistic promises of fame and fortune in the big leagues
by Bill Brubaker

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Cover photograph by Waller Iooss Jr.