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Cast of the Thousand 12
Three dramatic acts: Seb Coe sets world mark, Ben Plucknett sets—and loses—one and Steve Ovett looks back in languor
by Craig Neff

Cap'n Ashe and Crew Cancel the Czechs 16
With three Wimbledon titlists, the best U.S. Davis Cup team ever swamped defending-champion Czechoslovakia in New York
by Frank Deford

He's Giving His All for the Als 20
But making it in Montreal has been tough so far for ex-L.A. Ram Vince Ferragamo and some of his hotshot U.S. teammates
by Jack McCallum

Season of Hope 24
When Mount St. Helens' top blew off, the area for miles around was leveled, but there are miraculous signs of survival
by Steve Raymond

Puncher of Cows and Men 33
All you need to know about heavyweight contender Quick Tillis is that as a boxer he's a great calf roper
by William Nack

Lady with a Past 52
The legendary Santana was more mistress than yacht to Bogie and her other owners. Now saved from ruin, she has a future, too
by Sarah Pileggi

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