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The Blue-Chip Horses 12

In a racing world gone slightly mad, the Aga Khan was offered $40 million for his superhorse, Shergar. But he refused
by Clive Gammon

Then to top off a spectacular week, an English plunger paid $3.5 million for a Northern Dancer colt, double the world record
by William F. Reed

Another Campbell May Be Coming 20
If Heisman Trophy winner George Rogers turns out to be anything like his idol, Earl, he'll be sainted in New Orleans
by John Papanek

Search for Still Water 24
Finding water that's not moving, holding on to it, using it—no one does this better than Tracy Caulkins, the finest woman swimmer
by Kenny Moore

John Hannah Doesn't Fiddle Around 46
At least, not on the gridiron, where his brains, brawn and speed have made him the top offensive lineman ever
by Paul Zimmerman

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Scorecard 8
Boxing 40
Golf 42
For the Record 65
19th Hole 66

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Cover photograph by Frank White