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The Stars Come Out 12
The National League defeated the American League 5-4 in the All-Star Game as the big league season resumed in Cleveland
by Steve Wulf

Back, but Still a Long Way to Go 16
In the ring for the first time since disgracing himself in New Orleans, Roberto Duran narrowly defeated Nino Gonzalez
by William Nack

Country Horse, City Course 18
Can a trotter from a Michigan farm find success at a metropolitan racetrack? Yes, as Shiaway St. Pat proved in the Hambletonian
by Mike DelNagro

The New Redskins Get a Running Start 20
Rookie Coach Joe Gibbs won't lack for an offense if John Riggins, Terry Metcalf and Joe Washington do their things
by Jack McCallum

High on Cable 26
As more homes gain access to it and other forms of pay TV, new ways are devised to reap the rewards
by William Oscar Johnson

Love and Hate in El Segundo 52
Jack Brett didn't ask too much of his four sons as they grew up—only that they be the best there was in everything they did
by Jack Garrity

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Cover photograph by Manny Millan