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L.A. Will Stand Pat 20
After five very frustrating and contentious years, Pat Haden is posilutely, absotively the Rams' starting quarterback
by Bruce Newman

Some Fast Women, but Few Free Men 24
While the ladies excelled at the U. S. long course championships, there was a drought in the male freestyle events
by Craig Neff

A Second Chance for Last Year's Champ 28
Because of its early-season nose dive, Kansas City could benefit the most from baseball's split-season format
by Steve Wulf

The Fearsome Foursome 36
The Morrises are perhaps the most spectacular quartet of siblings who ever laced up football cleats and track spikes
by Douglas S. Looney

Crash and Carry On 73
That could be the motto of Dean Chenoweth, unlimited hydroplane champion and a man of unlimited courage
by Coles Phinizy

Bound for Glory 92
At week's end, Atlanta's Gaylord Perry needed only five more victories to become the first pitcher in 18 years to reach 300
by Ron Fimrite

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Cover photograph by Peter Read Miller