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Some Fine Swiss Clockwork 18
Zipping in Zurich, high hurdler Renaldo Nehemiah became the first to break 13 seconds, and Sebastian Coe set a mile record
by Kenny Moore

Knocked Over by a Ferocious Feather 24
Wilfredo Gomez had his eyes opened, and then closed, in a beating by featherweight champion Salvador Sanchez
by Anthony Cotton

Let's Give the Tigers a Great Big Hand 26
Take a couple of gridiron greats, add the peerless Pine Bros., ladle on Hot Sauce—and you have a nine-game Detroit winning streak
by Steve Wulf

College Football 1981

What you see is what you get when Doc Rorschach drops by to help decide which conference plays the best football 34
by John Papanek

More than Georgia is on Herschel Walker's mind. The fabulous Georgia running back sees the whole world as his stage 38
by Curry Kirkpatrick

The Top 20: complete scouting reports on the best teams in the nation compiled by SI's college football staff 46

The Small Colleges: 10 questions and answers that reveal what's big—players, teams and rivalries—among the smalls 64
by Mike DelNagro

When the Frogs Were Princes 76
A TCU alumnus recalls the golden days with Sammy Baugh, Dutch Meyer and a lot of other terrific folks
by Dan Jenkins

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Scorecard 13
Baseball 70
For the Record 93
19th Hole 94

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Cover photograph by Manny Rubio