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Them's the Bounces 24
USC capitalized on the rushing of Marcus Allen and Oklahoma's fast and loose ball handling to pull out a last-minute win
by Douglas S. Looney

On the Straight and Narrow 30
The field was fast, the crowd immense, but did the Fifth A venue Mile prove to be more than a curiosity? The entrants think yes
by Craig Neff

Retelling the Tale of Two Cities 32
It was the best of times for Montreal, which won six of seven last week, and the worst of times for St. Louis, which lost four of seven
by Jim Kaplan

Violent and Eloquent 40
Oakland Cornerback Lester Hayes excels at the bump-and-run and now has beaten a speech problem by taking it head on
by Paul Zimmerman

White Hot World of Speed 50
For most of the year the Bonneville Salt Flats lie bake-oven hot in silence, but when the racers descend for Speed Week all is sound and fury

Nasty Little Devil 74
He's an ugly beast, all jaws and bad temper, but the Tasmanian Devil is something of a celebrity on his remote island home
by Bil Gilbert

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Scorecard 19
Baseball 60
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Cover photograph by Richard Mackson

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