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Saturday Punches 26

Lightweight champ Alexis Arguello lowered the boom on Ray Mancini and then exited with his usual touch of class
by E.M. Swift

Middleweight champ Marvin Hagler left Mustafa Hamsho in stitches, and Mike Weaver retained his share of the heavyweight title
by Pat Putnam

A Terrible Loss, but Not a Lost Cause 32
Stunned by an injury to Tailback Kelvin Bryant, unbeaten North Carolina relied on new heroes to whip Georgia Tech
by Douglas S. Looney

Milwaukee Spells Relief R-O-L-L-I-E 34
After 11 years of failure, the Brewers won their first postseason berth as bullpen ace Rollie Fingers shut off Detroit
by Steve Wulf

New Names but Still No Names 36
Miami Dolphin Coach Don Shula is up to his old tricks, molding a bunch of unknowns into the only unbeaten team in the AFC
by John Underwood

Hockey '81-82 42

The NHL will have two races, one for the league title and one for the draft rights to Brian Bellows, hottest junior prospect since Wayne Gretzky

The scheduling format may be new, but the Stanley Cup should remain on Long Island. An inside look at all 21 teams
by Mike DelNagro

Lou Nanne, Minnesota's general manager, is a lousy poet, but his savvy and salesmanship have made his club a contender
by E.M. Swift

The Best and Getting Better 78
Though only 20, Wayne Gretzky is, without question, the NHL's top player. All that's left to ask is: How good will he become?
by E.M. Swift

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Cover photograph by Paul Kennedy