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40 All Hat and No Cattle?
Some thought Texas was more hot air than hot stuff, but Oklahoma found out otherwise in a 34-14 loss to the Longhorns
by Douglas S. Looney

44 The Gang of Four Shoots to the Top
Baseball came out of the doldrums as the Expos, Dodgers, Yankees and A's won one cliff hanger after another in the big league's first divisional playoffs

48 Denver Is Mile-High Once Again
Craig Morton, the oldest player in the NFL, has passed the rejuvenated Broncos into first place in the AFC West
by Paul Zimmerman

56 No Fly in the Soup
The Ayala family has had its ups and downs, but Tony, an 18-year-old junior middleweight, is undaunted and undefeated in the ring
by Jack McCallum

64 Bang! Gotcha! You're Dead
A dozen adults armed with CO[2] guns take to the woods in a stylized reenactment of the childhood game of "war"
by Robert F. Jones

108 What's Up? Doc.
Dr. Robert Arnot sleeps three hours a night to have time to board-sail, speed-skate, run, cycle, doctor, dance and play Tartini
by Dan Levin

The Departments

Scorecard 35
College Football 91
Chess 96
Horse Racing 104
For the Record 143
19th Hole 146

Credits on page 143

Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier