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34 A No. 1 Upset and a 315 Record

Penn State came out of a deep first-quarter hole to send top-ranked Pitt plummeting into the pits, 48-14
by Douglas S. Looney

Alabama waited until the final quarter to roll past Auburn and give Coach Bear Bryant the mark for most victories
by John Papanek

40 Indiana's Captain Courageous
A car accident left Hoosier star Landon Turner crippled, but still his teammates might well emulate him
by William F. Reed

42 A Born-Again Team in Renaissance City
Third-string Quarterback Eric Hippie has revived Detroit, moving it into a tie for first place in the NFC Central
by Paul Zimmerman

48 On the Outside, Looking In
Coach Herb Brooks, maestro of the Lake Placid Olympics, is struggling to feel at home on the Rangers of the NHL
by E.M. Swift

56 Blinded by the Light
On the court, Atlanta's Eddie Johnson has been brilliant, but off it, his erratic behavior has raised dark questions
by Bruce Newman

86 Hell on Wheels
Having mastered The System, Dallas' Tony Dorsett is speeding to the finest season he has had since becoming a pro
by Rick Telander

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Scorecard 29
College Basketball 70
College Football 79
Cross-Country 82
For the Record 125
19th Hole 126

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

Credits on page 126