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18 Better by Just a Tiny Bit
As pro basketball's greatest rivalry resumed, a little man gave the Celtics a big lift over the 76ers
by Anthony Cotton

22 A Sad Show for Smokeless Joe
After a 5½-year layoff, 37-year-old Joe Frazier returned to the ring to fight a pitiful draw with Jumbo Cummings
by William Nack

24 No Hanky-Panky for America's Team
Witchcraft was out and crafty play was in as UConn's homebreds outlasted Alabama A & M's imports for the NCAA soccer title
by Clive Gammon

26 Four on the Floor in Florida
New arenas, coaches who have been to the Final Four and homegrown talent are putting college hoops in high gear
by Jack McCallum

34 Catch a Catching Star
Give a listen to Cincinnati's rookie sensation, Cris Collinsworth, who can drop a quote as well as he can grab a pass
by John Underwood

42 Whirling in to Take a Powder
The latest in skiwear—and powder skiing Jule Campbell tells what's the fashion in Manny Millan's pictures; Bill Johnson limns a powder paradise

50 A Turkey That's a Hit
Seeing a big gobbler up close bursting from the corn is a hunter's dream. For $100,000 it can be a living-room reality
by Robert F. Jones

66 Just Blowin' in the Winds
A meanie named Earl huffs and puffs but fails to faze a leadership school trek through the Wind River range
by William Oscar Johnson

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Cover photograph by Lane Stewart