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14 They're Off: High, Wide and Handsome
Billy Olson had a U.S.-record vault and Carl Lewis a world-record long jump at a new arena as the indoor season sizzled in
by Craig Neff

18 Ivan Was Great, the Tournament Terrible
In a chaotic week, Ivan Lendl made a remarkable comeback in the Masters to win his biggest tournament
by Barry McDermott

20 A Case of Vandalism in Big Sky Country
Nobody, including four teams from the hated Pac-10, has beaten Idaho's no-names. Next objective: Gus Johnson's nail
by Jack McCallum

22 Super Bowl Preview

It's San Francisco guile against Cincinnati grit as the 49ers and Bengals make their first trips to the big one
by Paul Zimmerman

Bengal Ken Anderson and 49er Joe Montana are both superior students of the same pass master
by Rick Telander

For a diehard 49er fan, who had become convinced that even a winning team was doomed, the frustration has ended
by Ron Fimrite

38 Now You See Him, Now You Don't
Even if you catch three-time champion Wilfred Benitez, chances are you aren't going to hit him very often
by William Nack

62 Bonnie Prince of the Flies
A gift from the Prince of Wales to the BBC producer of the Royal Wedding lent a regal air to this fishing trip
by Clive Gammon

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