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22 In Defeat, Roberto's Redemption
Though Wilfred Benitez beat him, Roberto Duran showed no "no màs" in what was surely his last bout
by Pat Putnam

28 Good Show for the Show Me People
In beating tough Kansas State on the road, Missouri not only put up but also shut up its biggest skeptics—its fans
by Curry Kirkpatrick

30 Stormy Weather at South Carolina
Coach Pam Parsons departs amid alarming charges of sexual, academic and drug improprieties
by Jill Lieber and Jerry Kirshenbaum

38 Shooting for Biscuits and Gravy
...lots of gravy. After winning $500,000 and top-golfer honors for '81, Bill Rogers aims for '82
by Dan Jenkins

46 When You Say Wisconsin...'ve said it all. Just ask Bob Johnson, coach extraordinaire of the top-ranked college hockey team in the country
by E.M. Swift

56 Kenya Top This?
The East African nation is the backdrop for some great swimsuits—and swimsuit wearers
by Jule Campbell and John G. Zimmerman

92 Passage to the Past
From Shimoni to Lamu, the author travels Kenya's coast, evoking ancient Arabs, Vasco da Gama and Papa Hemingway
by Robert F. Jones

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Cover photograph by John G. Zimmerman