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14 Raise One tothe Islanders
They're the toast of the NHL after breaking a 52-year-old record forconsecutive victories by winning 15 straight
by Mike DelNagro

18 Finch Was aPigeon for Sugar Ray
Ray Leonard awoke from his nightmare in time to send Bruce Finch straight todreamland in a welterweight title bout
by Pat Putnam

20 Going All Outand Way, Way Up
Two runners and a pair of jumpers established indoor records for an enthralledand encouraging crowd in San Diego
by Kenny Moore

22 Does HerschelHave Georgia on His Mind?
Or does he want to go to the NFL, a decision that would send tremors throughboth college and pro football?
by John Underwood

28 Oh, What MightHave Been
George McGinnis, once a transcendent star in the NBA, is now playing out thestring on the Indiana Pacers' bench
by Bruce Newman

34 The Ump andthe Manager
The irresistible force (Ron Luciano) met a reprovable object (Earl Weaver),with incendiary results
by Ron Luciano and David Fisher

50 A Town DividedAgainst Itself
In a place like Hamilton, Ohio a high school basketball rivalry can become bigstuff, especially when more than a game is at stake
by Peter Davis


Scorecard 9
College Basketball 44
Bowling 48
For the Record 71
19th Hole 72

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Cover photographby Manny Millan