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22 For Both Love and Money
Reggie Jackson is standing on Cloud 9 now that he has joined a host of California Angels
by Ron Fimrite

26 Solution to a Thorny Problem
Kentucky's Rupp Arena was a "brier-patch" for every team at the SEC tournament except title-winning Alabama
by Curry Kirkpatrick

30 For Allen, This Is Alien Territory
The debt-ridden Montreal Alouettes have lured George Allen up north to do a job foreign to his free-spending ways
by Paul Zimmerman

38 Target Golf Is The Aim
Woe to pros who don't hit the shot at the Tournament Players Club, Pete Dye's crowd pleaser of a course
by Barry McDermott

46 Anatomy of a Man-made Drought
Somebody did something about Florida's weather, but looming disaster demands it be undone
by Robert H. Boyle and Rose Mary Mechem

72 Batty About Caves
Cavers get high by heading down, none more so than Tom Aley, who has an underearthly paradise in his Tumbling Creek Cave
by Bil Gilbert

The Departments

Scorecard 17
College Basketball 56
Pro Basketball 62
Horse Racing 69
For the Record 89
19th Hole 90

Credits on page 89

Cover photograph by Andy Hayt