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14 An Astonishing Net Result
With a string of stunning upsets over his elders, Swedish prodigy Mats Wilander won the French Open in Borglike style
by Curry Kirkpatrick

20 Sensational and Sentimental
There were plenty of fine performers at the coed NCAA track and field championships, but lovers had the best times of all
by Kenny Moore

24 The Lakers Danced Up a Storm
Los Angeles reeled off two lopsided victories and still held a 3-2 edge over Philadelphia after losing Game 5 on Sunday
by Bruce Newman

32 The Mad Hatter of Pittsburgh
Some front-office baseball men may wonder if John Candelaria's head is on straight, but no one questions his pitching skill
by Douglas S. Looney

38 On the Road to Success...Perhaps
Bing Crosby's son, Nathaniel, is the reigning U.S. Amateur golf champ, but his game shows signs that it might not be up to par
by Bob Ottum

66 'I'm Not Worth A Damn'
Cocaine ruined Don Reese's NFL career and put his life in jeopardy, and it's messing up other players
by Don Reese with John Underwood

The Departments

Scorecard 9
Baseball 50
Horse Racing 54
Motor Sports 58
For the Record 87
19th Hole 88

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