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18 Hot and Getting Hotter
In sweltering Spain, England and Brazil shone in Round 1 of the World Cup finals, while Algeria was the victim of a cynical fix
by Clive Gammon

24 Local Boy Makes Good; Local Team, Bad
Kent Hrbek is the best rookie hitter in years, but his team, the Minnesota Twins, has run up the worst record in the major leagues
by Steve Wulf

28 They Showed the Way in Norway
Or, ah, they certainly didn't go slow in Oslo—Steve Scott, Mary Decker Tabb and Alberto Salazar establishing American records
by Craig Neff

32 No Fish Story: Golf's Top Lady
JoAnne Carner prefers her husband's company and their fishing retreat to recognition as the LPGA's leading money winner
by Barry McDermott

36 Glory, Glory Henleylujah
At Henley, the world's most celebrated picnic endures as counterpoint to the universe's No. 1 regatta A photographic essay
by Lane Stewart

58 Faith, Hope and Tony C
Star-crossed former Red Sox slugger Tony Conigliaro fights back again after having a heart attack and lapsing into a coma
by Jack McCallum

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Cover photograph by Ronald C. Modra