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16 Jumpin' Jimmyny
After an eight-year hiatus, Jimmy Connors leapt to the fore and beat John McEnroe in five sets to win the Wimbledon crown
by Frank Deford

24 Harvey's Over-the-Wall Bangers
Since Harvey Kuenn took over as manager, Milwaukee has been blasting pitchers and busting fences around the American League
by Jim Kaplan

32 The Bare Facts Are He's a Star
Bob Chandler caught almost every football thrown his way, but he got the barest of notices until he dropped his clothes
by Douglas S. Looney

40 A Dream House
The Olympic Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles has been a haven for fighters and their excitable fans for going on 57 years
by David Israel

64 'God May Be a Football Fan'
Such provocative utterances have stamped Don Sutton, former Dodger and current Astro righthander, as a real piece of work
by Ron Fimrite

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Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.