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12 It Was Italy, Prettily
Paolo Rossi scored six times for Italy in the World Cup and set his team off to a rout of West Germany in the final
by Clive Gammon

18 The Sweet Swing Music of the 40s
Boston's Carl Yastrzemski, 42, and Philadelphia's Pete Rose, 41, are still turning out those hit records
by Jim Kaplan and Steve Wulf

22 Call It the Moorcroft Massacre
In a week of stunning races, the most startling was a world-record runaway by David Moorcroft in the 5,000
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

26 The Dean of the DHs
No designated hitter has been as successful for as long as Hal McRae, a full-time star at a part-time position
by Ron Fimrite

32 A Strange and Fairly Disgusting Fish Story
The point of match angling, the English workingman's passion, is to catch lots of little fish—and beat the bookie
by Clive Gammon

54 Seattle: City Life at Its Best
Sports, organized and free-form, participant and spectator, abound there, fostering civic pride and uncommon vigor
by Sarah Pileggi


Scorecard 7
Baseball 46
Golf 52
For the Record 75
19th Hole 76

Credits on page 75

Cover photograph by Dick Raphael