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14 A Fourth on the Firth
Tom Watson's latest British Open win came thanks to an American who faded and a South African who folded
by Dan Jenkins

18 Rocky the Wreck Rides Again
Rocky Aoki, bent and broken in a 1979 crash, returned to offshore racing and won his own Benihana Grand Prix
by Alexander Wolff

20 It Was Just Another Mary Chase
Mary Decker Tabb celebrated her homecoming by entering a 10,000—and set her seventh world mark this year
by Kenny Moore

22 They Haven't Been Kidding Around
Seriously, folks, there are lots of National League rookies who are performing as if they've been in the bigs for ages
by Steve Wulf

28 One, Two, Three, Kick!
Aerobic dancing is only one of many strange and unusual ways that pro football players employ to stay in shape. A photographic essay

36 The Flying Dutchman
Jan van Beveren got in Dutch in Holland, so he emigrated to Fort Lauderdale, where he's the NASL's top goalie
by Bruce Newman

60 To Baffle and Amaze
In 1978 Coach Bill Walsh brought unpredictable football to the lowly 49ers. Three years later they won the Super Bowl
by Kenny Moore


Scorecard 9
Baseball 46
Handball 52
TV/Radio 54
Boxing 57
For the Record 75
19th Hole 76

Credits on page 75

Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier