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Original Issue

One, Two, Three, Kick!

No, this is not a page from "Jane Fonda's Workout Book." This is a troupe of Los Angeles Rams trying to stay in shape in the off-season. As the photos on these and the following pages show, NFL players devise intriguing and diverse ways to break the tedium of conditioning. Here, dance teacher Nancy Gregory leads a class in aerobics.

Seattle Quarterback Jim Zorn keeps his hand in throwing punches, not passes.

St. Louis Tackle Dan Dierdorf rides his bike to keep his bad wheels in shape.

Upside-down sit-ups help Steeler Mike Webster hang tough in the season.

Steve Nelson and some of his Patriot buddies stay sharp by wielding an ax.

Detroit Guard Russ Bolinger works on skateboard stunts with his dog, Cody.

Packers Eddie Lee Ivery (left) and Mike Jolly run using Aerobic Exercisers in hope of increasing their lung capacities.

Bob Horn of the 49ers finds it's no drag to stay trim if he just keeps truckin'.