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10 A Shining Ray of Hope
WBA lightweight champion Boom Boom Mancini's homecoming victory cheers Ohio's depressed Mahoning Valley
by Ralph Wiley

14 A Alex in Wonderland
The Women's Open got curiouser and curiouser when an unknown, Janet Alex, overtook the favorites to win
by Barry McDermott

16 Heavenly Days for the Angels
Veteran stars and sluggers like Reggie Jackson have led California to the top of the American League's Western Division
by Jim Kaplan

26 That Syncing Feeling
Tracie Ruiz and Candy Costie are the top U.S. pair in the graceful new Olympic sport of synchronized swimming
by Demmie Stathoplos

32 Mean Streets, Hard Time
Ghetto life and years in prison have taught WBC light heavyweight champ Dwight Braxton to reject "negativity"
by Jack McCallum

54 Their Rite of Passage
The best high school basketball players make the tough transition to collegiate fame in off-season all-star games
by Ralph Wiley


Scorecard 7
Baseball 46
For the Record 69
19th Hole 70

Credits on page 69

Cover photograph by George Tiedemann