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14 Not Home Free Yet
Atlantans were "World Serious" after the Braves swept four straight games from San Diego. Then L.A. came to town
by Steve Wulf

20 Will You Come Home, Bill Walton?
The Old Red Head played Las Vegas last Saturday night and showed he might make it back to the NBA this year
by Alexander Wolff

22 Going over the Edge
A spectacular "blow over" during a qualifying run in the Columbia Cup caused the death of hydroplane champion Dean Chenoweth

24 A Test with Nothing but Tough Questions
Should the NFL's players be checked for drugs by urinalysis? Most managements say yes, the players no
by Douglas S. Looney

30 He Blocked for Napoleon
Denver Bronco Guard Tom Glassic likes to play with toy soldiers while recalling those wars he fought in earlier lives
by Bob Ottum

40 A Dodo in Name Only
Nobody has won as many U.S. national tennis titles as Dodo Cheney, a canny old bird on the court and at the poker table
by Jill Lieber

62 Bringing Down the Curtain
Quintin Dailey's guilty plea to an assault charge led to the end of basketball at USF
by Robert H. Boyle and Roger Jackson


Scorecard 9
Baseball 52
Boxing 56
Horse Racing 60
For the Record 80
19th Hole 82

Credits on page 80

Cover photograph by Manny Rubio