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12 Suddenly It's the Wild West
As in seasons of yore, the Dodgers and Giants found themselves in a dustup, along with the parvenu Padres and Braves
by Ron Fimrite

18 Yes, Folks, He Can Take a Hit
Renaldo Nehemiah cleared his first NFL hurdle neatly—and intact—by catching two passes against the L.A. Raiders
by Ralph Wiley

20 Alone in the Eye of the Hurricane
While controversy raged at the World Wrestling Championships in Edmonton, a quiet American won the only U.S. gold
by Craig Neff

26 Having a Ball at the Beach
Two-man teams play torrid volleyball that has spread to Florida from the beaches of California
Photographs by Richard Mackson

32 He Puts the Court Before the Horse
Mychal Thompson of the Trail Blazers doesn't want much for his native Bahamas, just one real basketball court
by Bruce Newman

60 Old Dog with New Tricks
Luke Appling, the Braves' 75-year-old minor league batting coach, sure practiced what he preaches—with a big homer
by Jim Kaplan

72 The Ascent of an Enigma
The Steelers' Franco Harris is a man of mighty few words, but a lot of yardage, and he is climbing toward a record
by Roy Blount Jr.


Scorecard 7
Baseball 66
For the Record 89
19th Hole 90

Credits on page 89

Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier