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12 The Vikings' Rugged New Nook
It's Minnesota's Crockpot, where chilblains are out and running backs like Darrin Nelson can really pile up the yardage
by Jack McCallum

16 Even with a Shiner, Coe Was Finer
Though slugged by a Swiss, Sebastian Coe was the big cheese in three 800s as he prepped for the "richest race ever"
by Craig Neff

18 Another Body for the Graveyard
Favored Conquistador Cielo dug a hole for himself in the Travers and became one more victim of the Saratoga jinx
by William Leggett

20 Not Quite Down to Empty for Indy
The new pool was extremely fast, but the swimmers were frazzled, so the long course nationals were short on records
by Dan Levin

22 Black and Blue and Aiken' All Over
The Kansas City Royals are leading the major leagues in injuries, but they're winning anyway, thanks to the modalities
by Steve Wulf

30 South of the Border
Minor league baseball in Mexico is beer-induced sleep on 20-hour bus trips and a last chance for the unvanquished
by Leo W. Banks

38 Paving the Way for $$$
Tom Cousineau landed a huge contract with the Cleveland Browns, who hope he will cement their porous defense
by Rick Telander

58 Really Getting Organized
The lady prefers playing centerfield, but given a whack at the organ at Three Rivers, she gave it her all
by Joan Ackermann-Blount


Scorecard 9
Baseball 46
Pro Basketball 52
Golf 56
For the Record 73
19th Hole 74

Credits on page 73

Cover photograph by Tony Tomsic