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This Is A Rush Hour You Can Enjoy

Speeding in congested areas? Reckless diving? Guilty to a man are the ballcarriers on these pages, representative of a bumper crop of rushers. At the top of the defenders' most-wanted list is Georgia junior Herschel Walker (right), who's not only big (6'1", 222 pounds) but has world-class speed. He has gained 3,507 yards in two years. Linnie Patrick of Alabama (above) weighs only 175 but averages 5.5 yards per carry operating out of the Tide's wishbone.

Kerwin Bell gained 1,141 yards and all-conference honors as a Kansas freshman in '80. Torn ligaments ruined '81, but Bell is rarin' to go again this season.

Kevin Nelson, first cast as a cornerback at UCLA, has run for 1,364 yards in his two years. The 5'10" 191-pounder scored five TDs against Arizona State in '81.

Curt Warner, who gained 1,044 yards in '81, "is in the same class as Lenny Moore," says Penn State Coach Joe Paterno. He's 6 feet, 198 and a top kick returner, too.

Eric Dickerson, 6'3", 215 pounds, averaged 129.8 yards a game for SMU while alternating in the Pony Express backfield with Craig James (104.3-yard average).