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14 He Finally Bagged It
Rickey Henderson's path to glory went from first to second in Milwaukee, as he broke the single-season record
by Ron Fimrite

20 A Ram Almost Upstaged the Walrus
A ball was the talk of the World Series of Golf until Craig Stadler let go with a 65 and then won the tournament in a playoff
by Dan Jenkins

22 Less Than Colossal in the Coliseum
The debut of Al Davis' Raiders as the home team in Los Angeles was a success on the field but not up in the stands
by Ralph Wiley

30 So What's All the Fuss?
Rickey Henderson may be the man of the hour but, says the author, base stealing has never amounted to very much
by Bill James

36 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Johnson
Affable Tampa Bay Linebacker Cecil Johnson is a lethal hitter on the field and a deadly needler in the locker room
by Franz Lidz

60 No Guts, No Glory
Bull riding is the roughest, toughest rodeo event. Just ask Don Gay, who's going for a record eighth national title
by E.M. Swift


Scorecard 9
Design for Sport 46
TV/Radio 48
Boxing 52
Baseball 54
For the Record 79
19th Hole 80

Credits on page 79

Cover photograph by Ronald C. Modra