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16 See Ya Later, Gators
There's no doubt about it, if Florida's opening victory over archrival Miami is any indication of the team's prowess
by John Papanek

22 Running Behind Schedule
Billy Sims of the Lions and Joe Cribbs of the Bills were off and fuming as the NFL completed preseason play
by Michael DelNagro

24 Hoping for One Last Big Harvest
If Baltimore doesn't die on the vine, Earl Weaver could have a great going-away present in his final (maybe) season
by Steve Wulf

30 He Walks the Straight and Narrow
...Until you crowd him. Then driver Bobby Allison crowds back. Currently he leads the race for the NASCAR title
by Sam Moses

36 No Fly-by-Night Cabbie
Jack Gartside ties some of his best flies in broad daylight while waiting for riders in a Boston taxi queue
by Robert H. Boyle

62 The Lady in the White Silk Dress
Suzanne Lenglen drank, swore and had lovers by the score—and played great tennis, losing once in seven years
by Sarah Pileggi


Scorecard 11
Baseball 48
Pro Basketball 55
Boating 58
For the Record 80
19th Hole 82

Credits an page 80

Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier