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16 He Lit Up the Joint
It was lights-out for Ivan Lendl in the men's finals of the U.S. Open when Jimmy Connors got his juices flowing
by Curry Kirkpatrick

24 Defense Canned the Candidates
Heisman hopefuls Danny Marino and Kelvin Bryant didn't impress the voters in Pittsburgh's win over North Carolina
by Jack McCallum

26 Meyered in Not So Kushy Situations
Rookie Coach Ron Meyer of New England spoiled the debut in the NFL of rookie Coach Frank Kush of Baltimore
by Paul Zimmerman

34 He's Heaven on Wheels
Forget roller disco, this is speed roller skating, and for two years Tom Peterson of Tacoma was champion of the world
by Dan Levin

44 A Singular Way to Play Football
The single wing may be virtually extinct elsewhere, but it's alive and kicking—and running and passing—at Denison
by Rick Telander

74 Here She Is, the True Love Boat
Designed 30 years or so ago to indulge a pregnant lady, the Sunfish has spawned a horde of devotees
by William Oscar Johnson


Scorecard 11
Baseball 56
College Football 63
Track & Field 66
For the Record 91
19th Hole 92

Credits on page 91

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.