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24 Down to the Wire

Milwaukee, reeling after three straight losses to Baltimore, finally got the American League East title firmly in its grasp
by Steve Wulf

Atlanta, assisted by Joe Morgan, edged L.A. and San Francisco for the National League West 28
by Jim Kaplan and Ron Fimrite

32 UCLA or UnCork Lots of Aerials
Until this year UCLA was an acronym for Uncommonly Conservative Land Assaults. Now Tom Ramsey is flinging
by Jack McCallum

42 Hockey '82-83

No officials endure as much foul—and fowl—behavior from players and fans as the men who earn their stripes in the NHL
by E.M. Swift

Once again the Islanders are the class of the league. A rundown on the defending titlists and their 20 pursuers 50
by E.M. Swift

The season's best U.S. college player, James Patrick, and team represent the same school, North Dakota 58
by Cathrine Wolf

76 Who Would've Thunk?
One of the sorriest NHL teams ever, the 1972-73 Islanders, is now the model of how to turn expansion chumps into champs
by E.M. Swift


Scorecard 19
College Football 60
Pro Basketball 68
Baseball 75
For the Record 103
19th Hole 104

Credits on page 103

Cover photograph by Jerry Wachter