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28 A Hopping Good Series
The Milwaukee Brewers rallied to take a 3-2 lead over the St. Louis Cardinals in an Oktoberfest of a World Series
by Steve Wulf

42 A Throwback to the Olden Days
Underdog Ohio State beat upstart Illinois by a 26-21 score, thereby striking a blow for tradition in a new Big Ten
by John Papanek

48 The Regilding of a Legend
Jim Thorpe's Olympic gold medal has been restored, but his family won't rest until his body is in ancestral soil
by Jack McCallum

76 Now You See Them, Now You...
Today's camouflage comes in many forms: parkas, coveralls, waders, face paint, even ersatz essence-of-skunk
by Jule Campbell

82 Journal of a Plagued Year Part II
Drudgery marked the Vikings' preseason, but the author had one redeeming moment
by Ahmad Rashad as told to Frank Deford


Scorecard 23
Hockey 66
TV/Radio 68
College Football 70
Motor Sports 78
For the Record 113
19th Hole 114

Cover photograph by John Iacono

Credits on page 113