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18 Mustangs on a Stampede
SMU and its Pony Express backfield kept on driving toward the Cotton Bowl with a 31-17 victory over Texas
by John Papanek

24 They Grappled in the Big Apple
Alberto Salazar fended off the gutty Rodolfo Gomez of Mexico to win his third consecutive New York City Marathon
by Craig Neff

26 For All You Do, This Hug's for You
St. Louis overcame bad weather, flip-flops of fate and Milwaukee to win Games 6 and 7 and its ninth World Series
by Ron Fimrite

38 Pro Basketball 1982-83

The NBA faces spiraling costs, limited revenues and a possible strike, which some owners wouldn't mind
by Bruce Newman

Moses Malone aims to prove he's worth $13.2 million by helping to lead the Philadelphia 76ers to a title 46
by Anthony Cotton

Scouting Reports: Boston, Milwaukee, Denver and L.A. figure to win the divisions 50
by Anthony Cotton and Alexander Wolff

80 A Man Who Never Lets Down
Whether coaching at St. Joseph's or in the NBA, Jack Ramsay has usually had a leg up on the competition
by John Papanek


Scorecard 13
College Football 62
High School Football 70
Horse Racing 74
Hockey 76
For the Record 101
19th Hole 102

Credits on page 101

Cover photograph by Manny Millan