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24 It Was a Notable Victory
Stanford didn't fiddle around, upsetting unbeaten Washington on John Elway's arm and some unsung feet
by Ron Fimrite

28 And This Too Has Come to Pass
The byword in college football strategy is now victory through air power...even in the once conservative Big Ten
by Craig Neff

32 Hey, Fully Didn't Fill the Bill
Marvelous Marvin Hagler knocked out Fulgencio Obelmejias and then sparred verbally with Sugar Ray Leonard
by William Nack

38 Fighting Back As a Weekend Warrior
The San Diego Clippers' Bill Walton is treading ever so lightly as he attempts to return once again to the NBA
by Anthony Cotton

40 A Man of Heft Who's Also Deft
Nebraska Center Dave Rimington is Outlandishly good, partly because he's willing to accept weighty burdens
by Terry Todd

48 The Champion of Confusion
WBA junior welterweight titleholder Aaron Pryor has everything in order in the ring, but outside of it, his life's a mess
by Pat Putnam

82 The Glitter Has Gone
At 12 Lori Kosten was No. 2 in the U.S. in tennis, and her future seemed golden. Then everything fell apart by Barry McDermott


Scorecard 19
College Football 62
TV/Radio 74
College Soccer 76
Hockey 78
For the Record 107
19th Hole 108

Credits on page 107

Cover photograph by Richard Mackson