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26 College Football

Herschel Walker, Georgia's out-of-this-world back, put the Bulldogs on top of the world in trouncing Florida 44-0
by Jack McCallum

30 It was the pits for Pitt, as Notre Dame upset the No. 1 Panthers and added to Coach Jerry Faust's favorite list
by N. Brooks Clark

32 LSU answered critics who'd been asking "Who have you beaten?" by bottling up 'Bama but good in a 20-10 win
by John Papanek

34 I Just Don't Want to Fight Anymore
The lack of a challenge, not the welterweight champ's eye injury, made him quit
by Ray Charles Leonard as told to Pat Putnam

44 I'll Sling Leather, Darlin'
But will Randall Cobb remain in the ring long enough against Larry Holmes to unload his 175 punches per round?
by Robert F. Jones

52 He's Got It All Lined Up
Indy car champion Rick Mears is often the first driver across the finish line because he's also the last to cross The Line
by Sam Moses

76 Thrice Perfect, Once Scorned
Glenn Allison thought he'd bowled the first official 900 series, but then the ABC said uh-uh, his lanes weren't legit
by John Garrity


Scorecard 21
College Football 62
Hockey 72
For the Record 101
19th Hole 102

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Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier