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26 Boxing: Tragedy and Triumph

It was a glorious day for WBA lightweight champ Ray Mancini till he saw what it had cost challenger Duk Koo Kim
by Ralph Wiley

34 WBA junior middleweight champion Aaron Pryor stopped cold Alexis Arguello's historic bid to win a fourth title
by Pat Putnam

36 A Champ Whose Bowl May Be a Mirage
Clemson beat Maryland for the ACC championship, but the NCAA may knock the Tigers from the postseason picture
by Craig Neff

44 All the Way on Every Play
That's how far Michigan All-America Receiver Anthony Carter is apt to go whenever he gets his hands on the ball
by John Papanek

52 Flight of Innocents
For years this hunter tried vainly to bag a Canada goose, but when his big chance came, he got triple trouble
by Michael Baughman

82 Miser with a Midas Touch
Peter Ueberroth was hired to stage the 1984 summer Olympic Games cheaply. Now he is predicting a profit
by Ray Kennedy


Scorecard 19
College Football 62
TV/Radio 68
Pro Basketball 71
Hockey 79
For The Record 109
19th Hole 110

Credits on page 109

Cover photograph by Mickey Pfleger