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Imagine price supports for outside shooting and quickness instead of tobacco. That's how North Carolina State looks at the ACC's new three-point shot and 30-second clock. Chuck Nevitt and Scott Parzych, 7'5" and 6'7" plodders, respectively, are State's only major losses, and though both started last season, under the new rules they'd be like ballast overboard. The Pack has shooters and speed everywhere.

Take the backcourt. Senior Sidney Lowe, N.C. State's all-time assist leader, is the burner, while Dereck Whittenburg just gets hot. They've played alongside each other for seven straight years, since both were sophomores at DeMatha High School in Hyattsville, Md. Lowe averaged more than 36 minutes and just two turnovers a game last season. Whittenburg made 92 of his 168 field goals in 1981-82 from beyond where the conference now has circumscribed its three-point line. "Both look like linebackers, but they're completely different players," says Coach Jim Valvano. "The only pass Whit knows is the one he might make at Sid's girl friend. Sid thinks 'shot' as a last resort." Says 6'11" Thurl Bailey, State's leading scorer (13.7) and rebounder (6.8) last season, "We call Sid 'Squid,' because he has a lot of different arms. You get open, he'll find you."

Bailey, who last year was in the student production Of Mice and Men (hint: he didn't portray a mouse), plays "quick" forward with a down-filled jump shot to 18 feet. State has no proven center behind 6'11" Cozell (Co-Rilla) McQueen, but there are plenty of bodies to rebound, including Strong Forward Lorenzo (Lo-Rilla) Charles and Alvin Battle, a first-team junior-college All-America.

Charles was nabbed as an accessory in the theft of two pizzas from a de-liveryman in Raleigh on May 30 and had to perform 300 hours of community service and spend a day and a half in jail as part of a first-offenders' program. Says someone close to the Pack, "In the Brooklyn neighborhood where Lo's from, you murder the pizza deliveryman." Says Valvano, "It's been good for him in the end. Everyone should spend a day in jail, to see what it's like."

Of the schedule, Valvano says, "We're 'at' a lot of people. There's an old Italian saying: You can't win the NCAA tournament unless you get invited." Jimmy, don't worry, awready. State should be near the top of the guest list.