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14 The Bowl Games

Penn State defeated Georgia 27-23 in the Sugar Bowl and thus won a long-awaited national championship
by John Papanek

SMU stopped Pittsburgh cold 7-3 in the chill of the Cotton Bowl to finish its season undefeated—but only No. 2 21
by Pat Putnam

UCLA shut down All-America Receiver Anthony Carter and went on to defeat Michigan 24-14 in the Rose Bowl 23
by Craig Neff

Nebraska overcame both its own ineptitude and LSU to squeeze out a 21-20 victory in the Orange Bowl 25
by Douglas S. Looney

30 Chicago Is Bullish on Reggie T.
Now that the wraps are off Runnin' Reggie Theus, sports fans in the Windy City have some glamour to clamor for
by Anthony Cotton

38 "Hey, You Wanna Deer?"
Then pay attention to Joe DeFalco, an ex-butcher who has shot 100, cut up 10,000 and made a million friends
by Robert H. Boyle

58 Casting a Special Light
A critic of colleges that stoop academically to conquer athletically sees in Notre Dame much worth emulating
by John Underwood


Scorecard 9
Pro Football 50
College Basketball 54
For the Record 73
19th Hole 75

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Cover photograph by John Iacono