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The NFL Playoffs

14 San Diego showed real heart and a tough serve while beating the Steelers 31-28 in the first round's best game
by Paul Zimmerman

20 The NFC's top-seeded Washington Redskins still got no respect, even after they trounced the Lions 31-7
by Steve Wulf

24 Some of the first-round playoff games were such a parody of parity that Sweet 16 will never be missed
by Alexander Wolff

30 The Heels Are Alive and Kicking
After a feeble start, NCAA champ North Carolina has won seven straight, the latest over Syracuse
by Curry Kirkpatrick

34 I'm an Animal Out There
Johan Kriek is the world's 12th-ranked tennis player though he tanks matches and gives umpires fits
by Barry McDermott

42 He Ain't a Hound Dog
Keith Lee of top-ranked Memphis State is the biggest thing to hit that Tennessee town since Elvis Presley
by Rick Telander

53 'Thar Was Old Grit in Him'
A Scottish nobleman with a thirst for adventure beat the West's mountain men at their own rough games
by Bil Gilbert


Scorecard 9
Hockey 48
Golf 50
College Basketball 55
For the Record 75
19th Hole 78

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Cover photograph by Manny Millan