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14 The NFL Playoffs

The Dallas Cowboys made the big plays on both offense and defense and knocked off the Green Bay Packers 37-26
by Ralph Wiley

18 A halftime phone call added a new chapter to an old rivalry as the Jets upset the L.A. Raiders 17-14
by Paul Zimmerman

21 Led by the Killer Bees and a surging David Woodley, Miami avenged last year's loss to the Chargers, 34-13
by John Papanek

24 There were squeals of joy in Washington as Fullback John Riggins and the Hogs defeated the Vikings 21-7
by Steve Wulf

28 A Hot Dog You've Got to Relish
If there's any one word that describes St. Louis Pitcher Joaquin Andujar, it would most surely be "youneverknow"
by Steve Wulf

36 Not Just a Lot of Kicks
PKA full-contact karate packs a mean punch as well, which is why it has a leg up on becoming a hit during the '80s
by Bob Ottum

94 On the Track of the 'Cat
In the snowy stillness of the immense Maine woods, Oscar Cronk and hound Emerson pursue prey as elusive as a ghost
by Sam Moses


Scorecard 9
Pro Basketball 80
Hockey 82
College Basketball 86
TV/Radio 93
For the Record 111
19th Hole 112

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Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.