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The NFL Conference Championships

16 A sloppy field and a dauntless defense left the Jets in the muck as the Dolphins won the AFC crown, 14-0
by Paul Zimmerman

20 Washington capitalized on three uncharacteristic turnovers by the Dallas Cowboys to win the NFC title, 31-17
by Ralph Wiley

24 O.K., Just Wait till Last Year
The NHL champion Islanders have been sagging, perhaps because they're complacent, remembering three Stanley Cups
by Jack Falla

26 Having a Blast at a Garden Party
Ivan Lendl blew away Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe at Madison Square Garden to win the Masters
by Curry Kirkpatrick

34 New Names for the No-Names
The Dolphins go to Pasadena with a defense akin to the gloriously anonymous bunch of a decade ago
by John Papanek

40 A Birthday to Remember
Nearly 70 years have passed since the author received his first fly rod, but his memory of the gift is vivid still
by Walter Edmonds

62 Violence: Out of Hand in the Stands
Spectators have become a menacing lot. Can the seeds of restraint be found among the flowers?
by Bil Gilbert and Lisa Twyman


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Cover photograph by John Iacono