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Cover photograph by Ronald C. Modra

16 Hail to the Redskins!
Powered by the explosive running of Fullback John Riggins, Washington beat Miami in the Super Bowl
by Paul Zimmerman

30 Billy Cracks the Vault
Records are falling as Billy Olson leads a U.S. resurgence in an event that it dominated for many years—the pole vault
by Craig Neff

36 Time To Play Bombs Away
Despite confusion and controversy, experimental rules are giving college basketball the scoring kick it craved
by Jack McCallum

40 To Her, Speed Thrills
For Tamara McKinney, a skier from Kentucky, fast is fabulous, which is why she's on top of the World Cup
by William Oscar Johnson

60 Hold On There, America
For most citizens, especially the young, the heralded physical fitness boom is a bust
by Jerry Kirshenbaum and Robert Sullivan


Scorecard 11
TV/Radio 48
College Basketball 50
Pro Basketball 56
For the Record 77
19th Hole 78

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