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28 Come Rain or Shine
As foul weather followed fair at the Crosby, Tom Kite shot a record Saturday round of 62 that set up his victory
by Dan Jenkins

32 The Doggone Bruins May Go All the Way
Terrierlike goaltending and rabid forechecking have brought dreams of Stanley Cup glory back to Boston Garden
by Jack Falla

36 A Marriage Made in Glitzville
The union of Bjorn Borg and sleazy commercialism ill-suited him as he made a farewell exhibition tour in the U.S.
by Curry Kirkpatrick

44 Our Chance to Be Great
The Redskin quarterback tells how a good game plan and execution beat the Dolphins
by Joe Theismann as told to John Papanek

54 'The Fairest Island That Eyes Have Beheld'
That's how Christopher Columbus described Jamaica. Now we've added new beauties
by Jule Campbell and Walter Iooss Jr.

94 Land of Sprinters and Dreamers
Jamaicans have long excelled in the dashes, perhaps because they're the fastest way to a better way of life
by Kenny Moore


Scorecard 23
Figure Skating 75
College Basketball 78
Track & Field 87
Horse Racing 90
For the Record 125
19th Hole 126

Credits on page 125

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.