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February 28, 1983 Table Of Contents

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The Sixers

This May Be One for the Books

With Julius Erving and Moses Malone starring, the 76ers are writing a new kind of Philadelphia story

By Bruce Newman

The King Was Right, Good Buddy

Cale Yarborough followed two Richard Petty axioms, and at the Daytona 500 blew past Buddy Baker to a car-length victory

By Sam Moses

Indoor Miles

Miles To Go Before They Sleep...

...and a promise to keep in Cleveland. Eamonn Coghlan and Steve Scott raced in San Diego, then flew all night to meet again

By Kenny Moore

Sooner Boomers

A New Breed Of Sooner Boomer

What's Wayman Tisdale, the best freshman, doing at Oklahoma? Helping Coach Billy Tubbs sell hoops in football heaven

By Alexander Wolff

Farewell To Football

A Final Farewell To Football

Once spurned by the Chiefs, an SI writer takes a crack at the USFL—and learns hard truths anew

By Rick Telander


A fleet of flying Dutchmen

Hundreds of Holland's best raced on the rumpled ice of a Vermont lake

By Sarah Pileggi


He's having second thoughts

Rex Caldwell has a wealth of reasons for being glad that he's No. 2

By Barry McDermott

Horse Racing

Everyone is in the running

As the Kentucky Derby nears, no favorite has emerged from the herd

By William Leggett

College Basketball

Technically, still knockouts

Louisiana Tech's women have the punch to win a third consecutive title

By Alexander Wolff

THE WEEK (Feb. 14-20)

By Roger Jackson


These agents hold the secret

The Big Three know best when it comes to making deals for network folk

By William Taaffe

Indoor Soccer

Show, Sex And Suburbs

Earl Foreman (left) and other nonstop MISL promoters hope the three S's will finally make soccer—indoor style—a success in the U.S.

By Frank Deford

For The Record

A roundup of the week Feb. 14-20

Compiled by Franz Lidz

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


Edited by Gay Flood



Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum