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24 He Had the Time of His Life
In a dramatic final race of the season, Ireland's Eamonn Coghlan lowered his world indoor mile record to 3:49.78
by Craig Neff

28 They're the Lords of Discipline
The Flyers have soared to the top of the NHL with a style of play their pugilistic predecessors would hardly recognize
by Jack Falla

32 The Big Brothers of Phi Slamma Jamma
Houston's fraternity of giants is hazing the Southwest Conference and rushing to the top of the rankings
by Curry Kirkpatrick

40 The USFL
By signing Herschel Walker to a huge contract, the league lent added significance to this week's start-up
by Paul Zimmerman

Unloved in Detroit after his role in the NFL strike, Stan White jumped to greener pastures with the Blitz 47
by Douglas S. Looney

Winner of five Grey Cups in Canada, Coach Hugh Campbell should put the Los Angeles Express on the fast track 52
by E.M. Swift

80 The Thrill of a Lifetime
That's how even Olympians describe the experience of playing in Minnesota's high school hockey tournament
by E.M. Swift


Scorecard 19
Soccer 66
College Basketball 70
TV/Radio 79
For the Record 101
19th Hole 102

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Cover photograph by Manny Rubio