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20 Garden Party for the Redmen
Inspired by a familiar setting, St. John's beat nemesis Boston College in the finals of the Big East tournament
by Curry Kirkpatrick

26 Invaders of the Raiders' Space
Oakland's entry in the U.S. Football League got a rousing welcome in its home opener from 47,344 jilted NFL fans
by Ralph Wiley

28 They've Put the U.S. on Top of the World
In American skiing's best week, Phil Mahre and Tamara McKinney took charge of the World Cup
by William Oscar Johnson

38 A Pair of Young Sox with Sock
Promising rookies and steadfast friends, Chicago's Ron Kittle and Greg Walker could be big hitters in the majors
by Jim Kaplan

48 A Family Tradition
Notre Dame's John and Portland's Jim Paxson are following in their father's notable basketball footsteps
by Bruce Newman

74 'And You Dream About Tomorrow'
Baseball considered him a non-prospect, but the author once again picked up his glove and traveled south
by Bobby Mitchell


Scorecard 15
Figure Skating 58
Wrestling 60
College Basketball 65
TV/Radio 73
For the Record 101
19th Hole 102

Credits on page 101

Cover photograph by Andy Hayt