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24 On to Albuquerque
Georgia and N.C. State reached the NCAA Final Four with upsets while powerhouses Louisville and Houston just kept rolling along

34 The Smartina Show
Navratilova's tennis was never sharper than at the Virginia Slims, where she crushed the other top women
by Barry McDermott

Baseball 1983

42 With its tougher style of play and deeper talent, the National League has left the American League trailing in its dust
by Jim Kaplan

52 Montreal's Gary Carter, another reason for senior-circuit superiority, talks a good game and plays a better one
by Ron Fimrite

62 SI picks Los Angeles and St. Louis to win in the National League and Kansas City and Baltimore to triumph in the American

84 As every serious fan knows, the best way to start a summer day is with a heaping helping of box scores
by Henry Hecht

104 A Lingering Vestige of Yesterday
Calvin Griffith of the Twins is a throwback to an era when owners owned and players played. Times have changed
by Gary Smith


Scorecard 19
TV/Radio 94
Horse Racing 96
College Hockey 102
For the Record 129
19th Hole 131

Credits on page 129

Cover photograph by Ronald C. Modra