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30 The Masters
With a big, bold final round of 69, long-hitting Severiano Ballesteros won his second championship at Augusta
by Dan Jenkins

36 It Was a Terrific Homecoming
Ending a six-year exile from the Mets, Tom Seaver delighted the crowd with his performance on Opening Day
by Steve Wulf

40 Has It All Been Thrown Away?
Baltimore Quarterback Art Schlichter gambled his future when he bet with bookmakers
by Paul Zimmerman and Douglas S. Looney

48 He Has Seen the Light
Drugs once darkened John Reaves's family life and football career, but now he's a bright spot in the USFL
by Douglas S. Looney

56 Mother Fletcher
As a kid, Lucille Fletcher beat up on boys. Now a fight judge, she also guides the careers of her three boxing sons
by Franz Lidz

86 Arming for a New Season
Pitch or perish is a baseball law. In Part I on the inner workings of a staff, the White Sox show their spring stuff
by Frank Deford


Scorecard 25
Theater 65
Baseball 66
Marathon 70
Hockey 76
Swimming 83
For the Record 119
19th Hole 120

Credits on page 120

Cover photograph by John Iacono